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A Busy Schedule For British Rider Emily Noon

Emily Noon is in the middle of a few very busy weeks at present. She is studying hard for her upcoming A levels, whilst training hard off the bike and also practising and racing at weekends. She turned 18 just last week, fitting in a couple of celebrations to her already hectic diary, and at the same time, she was putting in final preparations for the Ladies’ support class at The Maxxis British Championship at the notoriously tough Cadders Hill, Lyng circuit at the weekend. Having support from Fatree5 and RipnRoll goggles, the final pieces of the preparation came together in time to show off at this superb event.

She is impossible to hold back, so full of energy, determination, commitment and tenacity, she knows no boundaries, whist at the same time she remains completely humble and we’re very proud of her” say mum and dad.

Her performance at Lyng showed just that. After a clever qualifying session, where she timed her fastest lap perfectly, she took her Husqvarna to 13th position gate pick for the two gruelling races. Race one was unlucky to her, as she fell hard on the first lap after a bad start, but she remounted at the back with bruised ribs to fight her way back to 18th. The second race she stayed out of trouble, took a good start and valiantly hung on in obvious discomfort for 17th. As is always the case, she’s disappointed and wanted to have done better, but her harsh self criticism is what makes this tough girl progress.

Emily wants to thank Paul and Keaton at Fatree5 for their ongoing support throughout 2019, and also RipnRoll goggles.

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