We have to announce that with regret, but coupled with common sense, the Neath Club have decided to cancel to St David’s Trial, which was scheduled to take place on April 5th, due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation.

The decision was taken at the weekly Club Meeting held on Monday evening, which followed the Prime Minister’s announcement at five o’clock.
Earlier in the day, with all twelve sections laid out, a site visit was held with Club officials and the Series Manager, in the hope that events with less than five hundred people maybe able to proceed.

Series Manager, Brian Higgins, “Obviously, peoples health has to come first and I think this is the right decision to make. I feel sorry for the hard working members of the Neath Club who have put a lot of thought and effort into marking out twelve fantastic sections, with some variations for the new Trial GB Rules. My understanding is that the Club are prepared to look at re-scheduling later in the year if motorsport gets back to normal, but it is far too early to look at potential dates at the moment. Of course, this will have to be ratified by the ACU Trials & Enduro Committee”.

The picture shows Clerk of the Course, James Lamin, with Secretary of the Meeting, Peter Joseph and Rob Berry at the top of what would have been the final section.

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