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Adam Sterry Interview

Adam Sterry picked up a rider with the Hitachi KTM Fuelled by Milwaukee team earlier this year to compete in the MXGP Championship for the 2020 season.

We managed to get a few moments with Adam to see how is following Sundays racing where he required stitches and looking ahead to tomorrows racing for the MXGP of Limburg.

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Adam, MXGP of Flanders was a tough one for many with the track being extremely rough. You ended the day with 21st overall. How was it for you?

Again a difficult day I just can’t seem to get past the first lap without something going wrong, I was in 2 first turn crashes and dnf’d the first race with the cut and had a good start second race but again someone was down in front of me 

Opening moto was a tough one for you as you was involved in the first corner crash and ended up having stitches. How did the injury come about?

As I crashed in the first turn I caught my knee on a footpeg or something and it punctured my knee, it snapped the middle of my knee brace so it was some impact

Second moto you returned following the first race incident and rode your best in the conditions. How was it for?

Second Moto was tough as I couldn’t really bend my leg properly so that wasn’t ideal around lommel but I came from last to 19th and did what I could 

We now move onto the second stop of the Belgium triple header on Wednesday. How you feeling ahead of this and what’s your plan/goal for the mxgp of limburg?

Hopefully my knee will feel better, I need a better qualifying and not get caught up in first turn crashes! We will see what happens from there

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