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All eyes on Kristian Whatley for the 2018 Maxxis British Championship

After sustaining a season-ending injury last April, Kristian Whatley is working hard and aims to be race-ready when the gate drops on the first round of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship supported by Pro Clean at Lyng on March 11.

Whatley broke his femur in a crash at Canada Heights and was forced to undergo a lengthy convalescence and recovery process before getting back on a bike in the autumn.

Preparations for the coming season haven’t all been plain sailing for the 28-year-old former champ, who’s riding for the Rob Hooper Racing Yamaha team this year, after a training incident last month forced him to take time out of his busy schedule.

“I was in Spain and it was all going fine,” he said, “but I tucked the front in a turn, dabbed my leg and my knee ended up blowing up which wasn’t too nice so I had to take five days off.

“I’ve got pretty much a metal leg now and there’s no give in it anymore. The shock it gave me – I nearly weeped a tear to be fair.”

At this time of year it was a bit of a setback but Whatley’s confident he’ll be back on track for the Maxxis opener.

“I’m not 100 per cent ready yet but we’re getting there slowly but surely. I’m loving the Yamaha. It’s definitely the bike for me. I don’t know why but out of all the Japanese bikes it’s the one that suits me most. Maybe it’s the geometry of the frame?

“There’s a lot more testing to do but I’m feeling fit and I’m confident we’ll be good to go when the season starts.”


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