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AMCA Corner: Nathan Claughan

Welcome to the first AMCA Corner feature brought to you by Live Motocross!

The AMCA Corner will feature insights and interviews into riders and teams competing in the AMCA British Motocross Championship. First up is a upcoming rider who will be competing in the MX2 Championship in 2021, Nathan Claughan.

Can you tell us about urself then and your Mx career to date?

“I’m 21 years old. I have been racing for 12 years, have won many championships over the years and some great races with some tops guys and achieved a lot of things I’ll never forgot. I have rode for many teams and had many sponsors over the years my best achievement was getting a ride for Dave Thorpe on the Honda uk rookie Team back in 2014/2015 recent years on my racing haven’t been that good with a lot of bad luck but I’m back healthy and fit for 2021 riding in the expert MX2 for Mx academy on a Yamaha 250. I’m really exited and can not wait to get back behind the gate and get some good results!”

How did you get into the sport?

“I got into motocross just the area I grew up in everyone pretty much had them we would just ride around the woods we built a track and then just from there I went to tracks and started racing and here I am 12 years later still ripping.”

Can you tell us about the team your riding for and the fact your racing the amca championships this year?

“For 2021 I’m riding for a track called Mx Academy and the owner Oli Sansom who is a professional quad rider backed by Yamaha. He’s helping out a lot and has helped me since summer last season. He got me on Yamaha roughly November last year and we’ve only been on it a few times with Covid hitting but we managed some races over the winter and had some good results against some good rider but I know I’m not at my best yet. I still have a lot in me so I personally think if I can get the bike set up perfect and get myself supper fit I can get some great results in 2021!.
The reason for racing the British MX2 AMCA Championship is we were planning on the ACU British but I haven’t races a full season since 2017 so we really wanted to just get the feeling of racing. If we can get the results and get the team some more sponsors and help us out for 2022 in the ACU MX2 class, I’m still only 21 so I have plenty of time to get back to where I used to be and better!”

What’s your training plan for each round? What motivates you to get up and train?

“My plan for each round is to get stronger on the bike and and get better results and stay healthy through out the season we don’t have any expectations at all obviously we want to win but they is no pressure on me by anyone to do anything which is such a good feelings. As far as training goes I’ve just started getting back into it I’ve done a few bits here and there over winter but with Covid I didn’t really have a clue what was going to happen. With been off the bike I lost motivation but now I’ve been back on the bike the past few weeks it’s giving me more motivation to start training eating good and just basically doing what I can around work also as it’s long hours so it’s hard to get the training in that I want!”

What’s your future plans for motocross?

“My future is to keep racing for as long as possible, but I want to give back and start a training school would be my goal.”

What advise would you give someone looking to get into the sport?

“I would tell them to get into it and parents wanting to get there kids into it do it, it’s the best thing you could ever possibly do nothing compares to the adrenaline like motocross. You get to travel the world and do what you love and meet great people.”

Is there anyone you would like to thank for getting you where you are today?

“I would obviously like to thank my mam and dad for getting me a bike and getting me to where I am. But obviously wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for Oli at Mx academy for believing in me and giving me all the time an effort that he does and everyone else who’s backing me and helping me for this season.”

What’s your biggest fear?

“My biggest fear would be hurting myself and not been able to ride anymore!”

Favourite song and why?

“My favourite song has got to be “BAD BOY CHILLER CREW don’t you worry about me” it’s just got a nice vibe to it and gets me in a right good mood!”

Who’s your Mx idol and why?

“Got to be Ken Roczen after all his injuries and set backs he always proves why he’s one of the best! And he can over come anything!”

If motocross wasn’t around what sport would you do?

“If Motocross wasn’t around I dunno what I would do. Probably mountain biking something with 2 wheels! Aha”

What’s your thoughts on motocross going electric?

“I mean I havnt tried one or had the thought really, I want a sur Ron and see how fun they are! But personally if it means it saves motocross and stops all the people moaning about the noice and tracks stay open I’m all down for it.”

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