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Bryan Mackenzie heads off in a new direction

Photo Credit – RHL Activities

News broke out late last night on social media from Bryan Mackenzie that he is heading into a new direction and is leaving Duns Motocross Ltd as a Director, but not to panic the track will remain under new leadership which we hope to have more news on in the coming weeks.

Here is the statement from Bryan on social media:

Hi everyone. It is with sadness that I share the news that I have decided to step away as owner of Duns Motocross LTD. I have had an amazing few years as director of Duns Motocross Track with a lot of experience gained, a lot of hours invested and a lot of friends made but the time has come for me to head off in a new direction. 

I would like to firstly thank my amazing track crew and the landowner who each shared the same passion and commitment as I did. Those guys worked endless hours alongside me to always try and deliver the best track we could and our facility wouldn’t of been what it was without them.

I would also like to thank all the guys who came to muck in or supported our track just because they loved the cause. Those guys really had our backs and allowed us to operate at a level we couldn’t achieve by ourselves. 

And lastly to everyone who came and enjoyed our circuit – clubs and riders – it was you guys that we done it for and the great turnouts and positive response was what motivated us. 

So thank you to all. 

******The track will continue under new leadership. All Borders MX Club races are of course safe and going ahead as planned and practice days will resume in due course once the new director has found his feet with everything, so please be patient during the transition. *****

Finally I’d like to wish everyone the best for the future and hope to see a lot of familiar faces when I return to the track for a good old day of shred myself. 

Thanks again. See you around. 


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