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BYC Q&A Feature #006 – Ollie Bubb

This week on the BYC Q&A Feature we caught up with Concept Security Passion Racing Husqvarna’s Ollie Bubb.

Check out what Ollie had to say when we quizzed about his career to date, answering your questions and much more.

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What age did you start riding and how did you get into it?

I got a quad for my second birthday which I loved, then a PW50 for my 3rd birthday so on and off from then really.  Motocross has been in my family for many years; my dad did it, my late grandad. 

What has been your most memorable MX experience so far?

Probably being chosen to represent a team.  It’s great to feel your hard work is paying off. Also the first time I was on the podium at Weston beach race in front of hundreds of people and having my name on the big screens.

What time do you go to bed the night before a race because I cant sleep being so nervous? 

I usually go to bed around 9pm, but it takes me ages to get to sleep because I’m feeling nervous and excited.

How many bikes do you have and what years?

I have two 2020 husqvarna 85’s, and a crf 110 that I have a play about on for a bit of fun.

Favourite track in the UK and why?

I like different things about different tracks, but I’d say Fatcats is one of my favourites. When I first rode there a few years ago I didn’t like it, but now I have done a lot of training there it’s really grown on me.

Favourite track in the world and why?

My favourite track in the world is Deurne in Holland because it’s fast, flowing, Sandy and in the woods. It gets really rough so you have to pick your lines carefully but when you get it’s right it’s mint. Technical tracks are definitely my favourite.

What was the hardest race you have ever done and why?

Probably Weston Beach Race. I love it but it’s relentless, and being so long it’s pretty tiring but you can’t beat the feeling of going flat out down the start straight! 

Who taught you how to ride a motocross bike?

My dad taught me to ride, then when I started racing and doing quite well I had a bit of training with Justin Morris. Now I am trained by Lee Dunham, LDR Racing.

If you be any bike part what would it be?

If I could be any bike part I would be an exhaust because I would sound mint. 

Can you tell us a bit more about the team your racing for this year?

The team is called Concept Security Passion Racing Husqvarna. Chad Yarranton is the owner, he has given me so much support over the winter and since my accident. My teammates are Charlie Palmer, George Hopkins and Cailen Jai Griffiths.

How you doing now following sustaining an injury just before the season opener?

I’m recovering well after breaking my knee, I no longer have my knee brace on and have started ACL rehabilitation. I was absolutely gutted seeing everyone’s posts on Instagram going off to the first round of the BY.  I had trained so hard over the winter and was the fittest and fastest I’d ever been so couldn’t wait for the season the start, but since then it hasn’t been quite so bad because no one has been able to ride. I am really missing being on my bike though and can’t wait to get back on.

Favourite MX rider and why?

My favourite rider is Ken Roczen because I like his style, and how he keeps coming back after everything he’s been through.

Who is your favourite British mx championship rider and why?

Conrad Mewse, I met him a few years ago at my track, he always has tome to stops to chat to us, he’s a trick rider and I like his style. 

What are your ambitions for the future?

My ambitions for the future are to keep training hard and become the best rider that I can be. My dream is to become a pro rider.

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