News has broke this morning that after eight years with the Cab Screens Crescent Yamaha Racing team, Dan Thornhill will not be on the team in 2023. Read Team Owner Lee Webbers social media post from this morning announcing the news.

“The post I knew I would have to write one day but never wanted to write! The longest serving member of our team and one of the nicest people I know, Dan Thornhill, will not be with the team next year, totally my decision but I felt the time was right for both of us to start a new chapter and a new challenge! DT has been under my awning for 8 years and, although we’ve had our ups and downs with both aspects of winning and injuries, he’s always given me 100%, and nothing less. As well as being a model pro, he’s helped elevate the team to the level it is today and this team would not be where it is without the standout rides that Dan has had. I want to personally thank him for a fantastic 8 years, naturally he took the news as a perfect gentleman, though I expected nothing less, and also want to thank the whole Thornhill family for being the people they are. It’s gonna be strange under that awning without you guys! Dan certainly has more to offer, and is in no way finished yet. Whoever he rides for next year, that team will have one of the nicest riders and family under the awning, one who gives nothing less than 100%. It’s been a pleasure Gumby”

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