With the MXGP restart days away from getting underway in Latvia. We caught up with Gebben Van Venrooy Racing rider Calvin Vlaanderen to see how lockdown has been for him, looking back to the first two rounds and thoughts on the rest of this season with the new calendar.

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Following a long period of being unable to race due to lockdown across the world. What did you get up to during lockdown and do to prepare yourself for the season restart?

Lockdown for us in the Netherlands was not so bad actually, we had good weather and we were fortunately allowed to go outside so I could continue with cycling and running to keep up my physical condition. Unfortunately the tracks were all closed so we could not ride moto.

Looking back to the first two rounds of the 2020 season, how did they go for you?

The first two rounds didn’t go as planned. I was not ready coming into the season because of a knee injury in the winter and we knew the first rounds would be tough.

What are your thoughts on the new MXGP calendar with three events in Latvia, four rounds in Italy and three back to backs in Belgium?

I’m happy with the calendar to be honest! I just want to go racing to be honest so if we are in Latvia or anywhere else in Europe its good for me. I like the 1 day format as well. It will for sure be tough on the bodies with three GPs in just 8 days but I am looking forward to it, its something different and I think I am going to like it.

Looking ahead to Latvia next weekend for round three what are your plans for the event along with thoughts on the circuit?

My plans for this season is still the same to be honest. Gain experience every round. It’s still my rookie season on the 450 so to get experience and confidence is my goal. Of course I want good results but that will come with time.

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