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Clément Desalle retires from GP Racing

Clement Desalle has announced that he will retire from GP racing at the end of this year. Desalle has been in the paddock for 15 years and been a Factory rider for 11 years now. He has had a fantastic career and it will be a shame to see him go.

Check out his statement from his social media page below.

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After 15 seasons of GP, 11 as factory rider. I’ll stop the Grand Prix of motocross end of this year. I’m thankfull for what it bring to me. I m really happy I could be a professionel motocross rider in the world championship on a good level (a dream when I was little boy). This decision now because of a package of reasons, but I respect the rules I gave myself a long time ago. And to be honnest it’s coming more and more difficult to enjoy the riding and life in GP for me. The sure thing is that I ll love forever riding a motocross bike and during I can I ll ride. I could not achieve one dream to be world champion but It’s like that. Big thanks to everyone who support me.

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