The Czech Motocross Championship has been given the go ahead and is attracting some top motocross riders. Read the full statement below.

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Following a meeting of the Czech Armed Forces with representatives of the state took place, and the solutions proposed by us on how to implement the Kůta MM ČR motocross races with spectators were adopted with slight modifications.

The Calendar can be found below:

 TBADalečín – družstva

Further information will be gradually published as it goes. At this point, the following things are clear:

1. Spectators will not be allowed access to the riders’ depot. As always, each rider will be entitled to a total of 3 entries (rider + 2 mechanics). Additional entrances to the depot and part of the spectator area will be offered to riders and teams in limited quantities at a reduced price. The maximum capacity of the sector is 1000 people.

2. Spectator sectors with separate entrances, car parks, toilets and refreshments will be created. It will not be possible to move between sectors during the day. The maximum capacity of the sector is 1000 spectators. The sectors will be color-coded and viewers will receive armbands of appropriate colors.

3. Riders will come to the check-in with completely filled in applications and technical cards (samples will be sent out and placed on the website next week) and their own pen. According to current regulations of the Ministry of Health, the wearing of veils will be regulated. The obligation to register riders online in advance is being considered.

4. Disinfection dispensers will be located on the racetrack.

We ask all riders, spectators and others to realize the need to follow all the rules if we want to continue racing. 

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