Another motocross rider has announced his retirement from the sport. Dean Ferris posted earlier this morning that he will be stepping away from the sport.

Check out his statement below:

Well Guys I didn’t ever think this day would come but here it is. My professional racing career has come to an end! I’m choking up while writing this as motocross has been my life. All I ever wanted to do as a young boy was ride bikes and I’m proud as hell about how far I made it.

The road was long and extremely difficult but so worth it. Not to mention the great people, life skills, lessons and exploration I gained along the way. I’ve known for a while that my racing days are done but I’ve needed time to see what’s next and how involved in Motocross I want to be. No matter what I try, I keep ending up back at the track and it’s bloody satisfying to pass on my knowledge that seemed so hard to obtain. So you’ll be seeing me around the track, just with a different role. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that played a part 

Dean Ferris

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