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Exclusive – Jeremy Seewer looks ahead to Matterley Basin

Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP Team rider Jeremy Seewer has had four successful seasons in MX2 where he has won a total of fourteen wins and following showing his potential now competes on board the Factory MXGP team.

Jeremy had a rough off season with a chest infection which interrupted his bike time during the winter however had a good start to the MXGP season and is looking for a top five finish in 2019.

We caught up with Jeremy ahead of the second round of the FIM Motocross World Championship at Matterley Basin in the United Kingdom this weekend.

Live Motocross: Argentina was the opening round of the MXGP. You had a good weekend with a top ten finish in moto one and eleventh in moto two. How was it for you?

Jeremy Seewer: “Argentina it was solid especially after the lung infection I had, so I was okay with ninth overall especially because I was struggling with fitness and not 100%. Overall it was a solid start to the year.”

Live Motocross: Your currently ninth in the Championship heading into Matterley basin this weekend. What’s your plan for the weekend, could it be a top five after the second round?

Jeremy Seewer: “We have had a break now so I could build up a bit but still not where I want to be in terms of fitness. I missed some time in the January because of the infection, so my goal is to be in the top five but its not there yet to make it happen. Who knows I am getting better every week and I will be trying my best.”

Live Motocross: What are your thoughts on Matterley Basin, some say its one of the top venues on the calendar.

Jeremy Seewer: “Yes for sure Matterley is an awesome track with the layout the atmosphere, the British fans and all the jumps and dirt is incredible. I just hope the weather is with us especially at this time of the year. I feel really looking forward to it and its been one of my favourite tracks for quite a while. I have been racing there since 2011 on a 125cc.”

Live Motocross: Your racing for Yamaha this year. Can you tell us a bit about the team and the bike your riding.

Jeremy Seewer: “It’s a really great team. A lot of knowledge and experience, there is many good mechanics and people. I have been with Yamaha for a year already and its been a big change coming from life long career on a Suzuki but we are working through. Things may not be going as planned, overall I think we are heading into a good direction.”

Live Motocross: Racing at Matterley, is there anything which you have to be mindful

Jeremy Seewer: “Matterley is just a tricky with all the huge jumps, the quad. Its fun but at the same time its quite tough. You can’t make any mistake as it will be a big mistake there.”

Live Motocross: Finally looking ahead to the rest of the season what’s your goal for the end of the MXGP season?

Jeremy Seewer: “As I said previously my goal is to be in the top five at the end of the year when they calculate the points but its been a rough start for Round 1. I am still playing catch up on the other riders, which are strong, and getting stronger every weekend. I think I can make it happen I will just keep working and there is many GPs left so it is important to stay fit.”

Words – Live Motocross

Photo – Yamaha Racing

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