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Fastest 40 at the Michelin MX Nationals UK

MX Nationals UK have made a change to their pro class for the 2020. Check out the full statement from the team below.

2020 will see the Fastest 40 become just that…the Fastest 40. We have had an massive influx of pro riders wanting to enter for this season series and it would not be fair on us to pick and choose riders. 

For 2020 we will be running one qualifying session for all you pro riders to qualify into the Fastest 40, just like to good old days. Classes & prize money will be scored as normal MX1 & MX2. 

The top 10 non qualified riders will have a place in the Expert MX1/MX2 class and will compete in two races on the Sunday like you would do if you qualified. 

Riders that don’t qualify for round one can try and qualify again and round two and so on. Non qualified riders will not score expert points but will take home prize money. Prize money will be awarded to the top three non qualified riders placed in the expert race. (expert riders will take home their prize money & points as normal).

Pro Riders it is down to you to register and enter, with the current global situation we are running a paperless/cashless system. So you must enter & pay online.

No registration & entry = no ride. The ball is in your court. The links are below for you to use, any questions email us on

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