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This weekend, the Bridgestone British Masters motocross series took their third round to arguably the UK’s most popular sand track, FatCats Moto Parc in Doncaster. This track is known for its deep sand which tests all riders’ capabilities. 

The weekend kicked off with the youngest riders of the series taking to the track first, the Junior 65cc group. Reece Jones set the fastest qualifying time of 2:19:479 allowing him to have pole position in choosing his gate pick. In race 1 Freddie Gardiner came first with Jamie Keith in second place with only 1 second between the two! In race 2 Archie-Jay Girdham stormed into the lead and lead the race with a whopping 11 second lead. In race 3 it was Jamie Keith’s turn to show the pack what he was made of and won the race and Brandon Buckley won race 4. 

The overall standings from the weekend concluded that Archie-Jay Girdham won the Junior 65cc class by taking home 168 points. Jamie Keith came second and Freddie Gardiner came third. 

The next class to take to the track was the Small Wheel 85cc class. Qualifying was close but Keelan Hope managed to put the fastest lap in with a time of 2:10:078. However, it was Billy Askew who stormed into the lead and won race 1. Tyla Hooley battled it out to win race 2, with Josh Vail winning race 3 and Keelan Hope race 4. 

Billy Askew was crowned Small Wheel 85cc champion and obtained 168 points from Round 3. Keelan Hope was second and Josh Vail was a very close third. 

The Big Wheel 85cc class had some big names in its class and Sam Atkinson proved he is a worthy contender and set the fastest qualifying time of 2:07:362. Sam Atkinson impressively went on to win all four races of the weekend with Ollie Colmer sitting pretty in a very close second. 

Sam Atkinson was victorious at Round 3 and took home a maximum 180 points from FatCats Moto Parc and first place trophy in the Big Wheel 85cc class. Ollie Colmer was second and Charlie Palmer third. 

The MXY2 Youth class did not disappoint this weekend with extremely close battles throughout. Ike Carter only just set the fastest qualifying time of 2:01:027 with second place, Lewis Taylor only 0.880 of a second behind. In race 1 the battle was on. Jack Grayshon shown grit and determination and won by an impressive 23 seconds. Ike Carter came second with Tom Murphy third. In race 2, Jack Grayshon again flew into the lead and left the back behind with an impressive 35 second lead. This time Kyle McNicholl came second with Tom Murphy chasing behind in third. In race 3, Ike Carter proved he had it in him by nipping past Jack Grayshon for the lead. Jack Grayshon kept close by for second place with Kyle McNicholl third. In their final race of the day, Jack Grayshon put on another display for the spectators and won with Ike Carter in second and Kyle McNicholl third. 

Jack Grayshon won the overall weekend standings for the MXY2 Youth championship along with Ike Carter in second and Kyle McNicholl in third.

The 125cc class was one everyone was keen to watch as riders were tided on points for the lead of the championship going into Round 3, however the brutal-ness of FatCats Moto Parc made its presence and completely put the cat amongst the pigeons! In qualifying, Bobby Bruce set the pace with an impressive 2:02:871 but Troy Willerton was charging behind. In race 1 Troy Willerton managed to pick the lead with a 0.898 of a second in front of second place, Bobby Bruce. Patrick Jackson was close behind in third. Bobby Bruce won race 2 with Troy Willerton in second and Patrick Jackson again in third. Troy Willerton came back for race 3 and led the pack over the finish line with a 9 second lead. Jordan Bachelor was second and Patrick Jackson third. In their final race of the day, consistent Patrick Jackson stormed into the lead with a huge 19 second lead with Bobby Bruce in second and Jordan Bachelor in third. 

Overall, Troy Willerton was crowned first place, Patrick Jackson was crowned second place and Bobby Bruce was crowned third for the 125cc weekend standings. 

Dean Hakes set the fastest time in the Clubman class with a 2:13:266 and went onto win race 1 with a 5 second lead in front of Greg Fisher and Karl Jenkinson. In race 2, Greg Fisher set the pace with a 7 second lead but Dean Hakes was following behind in second and Max Wood in third. In their third race, Karl Jenkinson made his presence known and beat Jason Queenan to the finish flag with Dean Hakes following behind in a very close third. In the fourth and final race of the day, Greg Fisher led the pack with Dean Hakes in second and Matthew Jones in third. 

Greg Fisher took home first place for the weekend’s standings in the Clubman class with Dean Hakes in a very close second and Max Wood in third. 

In the Amateur MX1 class, Scott Aldridge set the pace in qualifying with a 2:02:131 time. However, it was Brad Cavill who won race 1 with Harry Bradley in second and Adam Day in third. In race 2, Brad Cavill once again led the pack with an impressive 31 second lead. Adam Day progressed in this race to a second place with Harry Bradley this time in third. Brad Cavill went on to win race 3 and 4 in the Amateur MX1 group. 

In the Amateur MX1 class, Brad Cavill was awarded first, Harry Bradley second and Adam Day third. 

In the Amateur MX2 class, Oliver Benton won the qualifying session with a time of 2:02:416 but Charlie Putnam was right on his tail. Oliver Benton went on to win race 1 with Charlie Putnam once again behind in a very close second and Jack Rowland third. In race 2, Charlie Putnam stormed into the lead with an impressive 23 second gap between himself and Oliver Benton in second place. Oliver Benton however came fighting back in race 3 with a 20 second race lead. In the final race of the day, Oliver Benton shown his way with a first place; Ryan Allison came second and Jack Rowland in third. 

Oliver Benton was crowned first place in the Amateur MX2 class with Jack Rowland in second and Ben Burridge close behind in third. 

On Sunday the Pro MX1 and Pro MX2 riders took to the track. These riders race in a combined class but are scored separately in their respectable groups. Jake Millward set the pace for the Pro boys with quick time of 1:53:308 in qualifying however the comeback kid Elliott Banks-Browne made sure all eyes were on him with only a 0.343 of a second behind. In race 1, Martin Barr led the way for the Pro MX2 riders with Taylor Hammel following closely behind. Elliott Banks-Browne came back from his recent injury with a bang to beat Jake Millward for the lead. In their final race of the day, Taylor Hammel shown everyone he could do it and won the Pro MX2 race with Ashton Dickinson in second and Glenn McCormick in third. In the Pro MX1 group, Elliott Banks-Browne once again came back with a bang and won the race. Jake Millward was close by in second with Jake Shipton in third. 

In the Pro MX2 class, Taylor Hammel was crowned first with Ashton Dickinson in second and Martin Barr in third. In the Pro MX1 class, Elliott Banks-Browne took the win with Jake Millward in second and Jake Shipton in third. 

2019 Bridgestone British Masters championship standings:

Junior 65cc:

1st– Freddie Gardiner

2nd– Charlie Richmond

3rd– Brandon Buckley

Small Wheel 85cc:

1st– Mckenzie Marshall

2nd– Warren Clarke

3rd– Tyla Hooley

Big Wheel 85cc:

1st– Sam Atkinson

2nd– Arai Elcock

3rd– Tye Jones

MXY2 Youth:

1st– Ike Carter

2nd– Kyle McNicholl

3rd– Todd Leadbitter


1st– Troy Willerton

2nd– Jordan Bachelor

3rd– Dylan Spencer


1st– Greg Fisher

2nd– Mark Kinsley

3rd– Alex Harvey

Amateur MX1:

1st– Adam Day

2nd– Harry Bradley 

3rd– Luke Houghton

Amateur MX2:

1st– Oliver Benton

2nd– Jack Rowland

3rd– Rory Jones

Pro MX1: 

1st– Jake Shipton

2nd– Jake Millward

3rd– Robbie Dowson

Pro MX2:

1st– Taylor Hammal

2nd– Martin Barr

3rd– Ashton Dickinson

We take our next round to Whitby on the 27thand 28thJuly. To keep up-to-date on all the action from the series and to see live feed information and videos from all the Bridgestone British Masters events follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

Facebook – @bridgestonebritishmastersmx

Twitter – @BBM_MX

Instagram – @bridgestonebritishmasters 

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