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Harri Kullas Interview

With the finale of the 2020 season set to take place this weekend (October 3rd & 4th) for the Michelin MX Nationals UK at FatCat Motoparc in Doncaster. Live Motocross caught up with Cabscreens Deos Group Honda rider Harri Kullas.

Harri currently sits sixth in the Pro MX1 Championship heading into the weekend with just four points off fifth place rider Jake Nicholls. During our conversation with Harri it was discussed that the Honda rider is looking to finish the season up in the top 5 so all eyes will be on Harri this Sunday for the final round.

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How have you been doing over the last few weeks and what have you been up to since Cusses to prepare for Fatcats?

I just been training a bit and chilling and waiting for next races. I was able to race in Germany as well which went well in sand.

Your currently sixth in the MX Nationals Pro MX1 Championship with just 4 points off Jake Nicholls in fifth. How you feeling about this?

I really don’t care about the points as we had 2 dnf and it cost us a lot of point so now if i am 6th or 4th it doesn’t really matter. Top 3 is too far away if nothing big happens.

Looking ahead to this weekend at FatCat for the final round, what’s your thoughts on the track and what’s your plan/goal?

Yeah it is last race of the season in England so it would be nice to go and take 1-1. Looks like it is raining a lot so i’m looking forward for the mudder!

Could we see a top 5 finish for the 2020 season for yourself?

“If you mean top 5 overall standings then yes, i try to do my best to take max points and see where we end up on overall standings.”

Finally what are your plans for 2021 in terms of if your staying with the Cabscreens team and what championships you’re going to concentrate on?

“So far i haven’t done any 100% plans. I have spoken with cabscreens about next year and hopefully we make deal happen as I enjoy my time in UK. 
I believe championships will stay the same with British and MX Nationals but let’s see in the next couple months as the COVID-19 has shaken things this year.”

Words by Darren Bachelor | Photo by Martin Pickard

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