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Harrison & Ferrandis take to St. Louis for Yamalube Star Racing

The Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha riders, Mitchell Harrison and Dylan Ferrandis, showed some more consistently strong riding this weekend in St.Louis.  Ferrandis, who is a rookie to the series, took his fourth fop five finish of the season, with a fourth-place finish.  After an impressive come-back in the heat race, Harrison went on to finish seventh in the main.  Colt Nichols was unable to race again, due to the knee injury that he had sustained earlier in the season.


250 Practice 1 Group A:

Dylan Ferrandis: 5th, 52:673

Mitchell Harrison: 7thth,54:417


250 Practice 2 Group A:

Dylan Ferrandis: 3rd, 51:497

Mitchell Harrison: 8th, 53:910


Overall Best Qualifying times: 

Dylan Ferrandis’s time in the second practice, 51:497, granted him the fourth fastest overall qualifying position.  Mitchell Harrison’s time of 53:910, placed him 8th overall.

250 SX Heat 1:

Ferrandis was second going into the first turn and Harrison was fourth.  As the pack began to separate, Ferrandis fell into fourth and Harrison, ninth.  Soon enough, Harrison caught up to a group of three riders, who were battling.  He got into the mix and worked his way through to sixth. Unfortunately, all his hard work was erased, as a crash sent him back to thirteenth.  With two laps remaining, he really put in some fast lap times, in attempt to get back into a qualifying spot.  His speed and skill allowed him to get all the way back into sixth before crossing the finish line.  Ferrandis made up one position and finished third.


250 SX Final:

Ferrandis started out in tenth and Harrison twelfth.  The two Yamalube Star Racing Yamahas worked their way up, as Ferrandis got into sixth, and Harrison seventh.  Ferrandis made another pass to break into the top five.  Harrison lost a spot, dropping to eighth, but gained it back before settling. He went on to take another top-ten finish, in seventh. The Frenchman continued to make up ground and claimed one more spot.  He stayed there throughout the remainder of the race and finished fourth.

His consistency, has rewarded Mitchell Harrison another step up in the championship rankings.  He now holds the ninth-place spot.  Dylan Ferrandis remains in fifth.  Next weekend we will see the return of the Western Regional Series, along with, Aaron Plessinger and Daniel Reardon, on April 8, 2017


Words: Press Release        Photo: Press Release

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