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Hird heads to Lyng after the MXY2 title

The MXY2 Youth riders are the future of the sport and seeing them compete in the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship is a great experience to see them race the same day as the MX1 & MX2 riders. We caught up Keenan Hird, runner-up from the opening round of the championship, which was held at Culham MX Park in Oxfordshire a few weeks ago. Keenan has competed at national level for some years now and first won a British Championship title back when he was 10 on a 65cc.

With Lyng being this weekend, how are you feeling for round two?

“I feel excited about going into round two at Lyng. It’s a new track for me, so it should be fun, and hopefully there will be lots of battling to make things interesting.”

Do you think this weekend could see you make the move and take the red plate from Lewis Hall as we know you’re good friends?

Lewis is riding well, but yes I am confident on how I am riding, so we will see how things go, although the main thing is to get on the podium. It’s only the second round and I would just like to stay consistent during the opening rounds.”

#29 Keenan Hird at the Thor British Youth Nationals of Leuchars

As you said Lyng is a new track to you, what’s your thoughts on the track from what you have seen?

“The track looks good, very fast and it looks like there are going to be some good battles.”

Looking back now briefly to Culham for the Championship opener, what were your thoughts on the circuit since its re-vamp at the end of last year?

“I thought the track turned out mega after all the rain we had that week. I enjoy riding ruts, so it was okay for me. The track has changed a lot since last time I was there (maybe 2015), as it was run the other way at the first round, which I preferred because it flowed a lot more.”

What’s your plans for this weekend and the remaining rounds of the season?

“My plans are to hopefully take the championship lead and just do my thing. Hopefully bring the title home. For the rest of the season, mostly just stay injury free, see how it pans out and get ready for the MX2 class the year after.”

Finally before you go could you let tell us how you got through from club level events to now competing in the main British Championship?

“As a kid I use to just do the local club meetings with my family, but as I started winning them, we decided to try out a few nationals. At the start I was getting last almost every time, but I kept coming back year after year and eventually I got my first British championship at the age of 10 on the 65. From there we just kept doing them and I started winning a lot more. This year we decided to try the Maxxis out which is the British championship in the MXY2.”

If you would like to see Keenan and the rest of the MXY2 Youth riders compete in the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship, then head along to Cadders Hill, Lyng, NR9 5QX this weekend (9th March) – For further information please head to

#29 Keenan Hird at Fatcats 2016 for the Thor British Youth Nationals Series

Words: Live Motocross    Photos: RHL Activities Ltd

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