The IMBA Board of Directors met over Skype to discuss the 2020 IMBA European Championship. The decision has been made to cancel the 2020 Championship.

Read the statement posted on Thursday 14th May below.

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Dear sports fans,

The IMBA board of directors has today in its board meeting, via Skype, made the decision to cancel the IMBA European Championship for 2020. All canceled events and also those that still have to be canceled because no major events are allowed until 31.08.2020 show us that a regular European Championship would not be possible anymore.We hope that the federations can perhaps still make one or the other national event until the end of the year.We hope to be able to please you all again in 2021 with a nice IMBA European Championship and wish you all the best.Stay healthy, everybody.

The IMBA Board

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