The countdown to the UK’s Biggest Offroad Motorsport Event, the Weston Beach Race takes place on October 21st to 23rd. Today (Saturday 24th September) is your last day to put an entry in and be featured in the programme. Check out the official statement from organisers, RHL Activities below.

The clock is ticking down to the deadline for riders to have their name, sponsor featured in this years printed event programme available from the event on October 21st to 23rd. 

If you haven’t made that all important decision on whether you want to take part in the UK’s maddest, baddest and biggest motorsport event in under a months time then the video below should change your mind.

To make sure you are featured in the programme please ensure you have a fully completed entry in by midnight tonight (Saturday 24th September) – ENTER HERE

Don’t stress if you don’t enter today, you will still be able to do so after midnight tonight unfortunately you won’t feature in the programme.

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