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Lewis Gregory steps back from racing

Today GL12 Racing have announced that following Lewis Gregory’s crash at Hawkstone International he will no longer be competing in any racing for the near future, whilst he awaits full diagnosis.

The team released the below statement:

Following Lewis’ crash at Hawkstone International when he was concussed and had a neck injury resulting in nerve problems we have tried a slow return to competetive racing to give him time to recover.

We used the first two back to back EMX250 rounds to gauge how his recovery was progressing.

Unfortunately the results are not positive and he is still suffering with a lack of clarity in his head resulting in a lack of concentration and focus to his riding .His timing is also off .on top of this there is an unexplained weight loss issue.

He will therefore not be competing in any races for the foreseeable future until these issues are properly diagnosed.

We hope you will all join with us in wishing Lewis the best in his recovery.

Bob Buchanan “ I have taken these decisions mutually with Lewis as my concerns are only with his health and safety . I took the decision to send him home from Valkenswaard and not to race purely out of thought for his safety. Watching him on the bike since Hawkstone it has not been recognisable as Lewis, I am his number one fan and friend and I must think of Lewis”

An announcement of a replacement rider will be made shortly.

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