The average motorcycle weighs about 100 kg. So to safely transport it from one place to another, you need a reliable transportation system. We know where to get one that will allow you to load your motorcycle on a van, pickup or trailer in only 20 seconds. What’s more, it’s on sale now.

Have you heard about 24MX? This online store is a real treat for all the enduro and motocross riders across Europe. It offers thousands of products, from leading clothes brands and dirt-bike gear manufacturers to various parts and tools. And each day, a new deal or special promo appears on their website. Some of them are just impossible to ignore…

You wish you had this sooner. 

This sentence repeatedly appears in that product reviews. No wonder, 
Proworks Quickload is easy to install transportation system that allows you to load and unload your bike effortlessly in no time. Moreover, it was equipped with quick-release latches on the mounting plates, making the whole process last only 20 seconds. 
Dissembling it when you need to use your van or trailer for purposes other than carrying your vehicle is also very simple. This way, you have more time (and energy) to spend on actual riding! 

Two easy steps to go! 

There’s no exaggeration when we say that two simple steps are all you need to set your bike and hit the road. Proworks Quickload will make your life easier. First, you roll on your bike and second, you press the claps over the foot pegs. That’s it, you are ready to go, and you still have plenty of time to grab a refreshing beverage on the way.

Check how simple it is on the 24MX video.

Safety first

Proworks QuickLoad locking mechanism on CNC milled aluminium and an extra locking pin keeps the bike safe during transport so that nothing interrupts your journey – your dirt bike and your adventures stay intact. No additional straps or other attachments are necessary. 

If you are looking for a quick and easy to instal transportation system you can trust, with a price tag that will put a huge smile on your face, go to the product site, and check it out. 

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