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Louie Kessell looks to Canada Heights

Judd Orange Brigade team rider Louie Kessell currently sits in 9th position in the MX2 Youth Championship which runs alongside the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship and is looking for a top five finish this weekend at Canada Heights for the third round.

Louie had a good opening round at Fatcats with a 13th overall and 7th overall at Lyng.

We caught up with the Official KTM UK Factory Youth Team rider ahead of Canada Heights this weekend.

“Since the last round of the Maxxis I have competed in the MX Nationals series at Hawkstone where I finished 2nd overall in the 125cc class which I was very happy about. Training wise I am still in school so it is quite hard to get out practicing during the week so I have just mostly been going out on the bike on a Wednesday afternoon at a local track of mine in Cornwall.” Says Kessell

“Considering I don’t get the chance to ride as much as I would like to I try and put the extra effort into going training most days of the week boxing and running. I am looking forward to the third round of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship. I am feeling good on the bike so I hope to get two good consistent rides on the day. My goal is to try and get into the top 5.”

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