A Racing Group has been formed by Nora Motorsport and seven of its new Nora Motorsport clubs to manage the world of motocross around the seven clubs along with working on a new championship for the UK. Read the official statement below.

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Following a meeting of seven clubs on Tuesday of this week, the NORA Racing Group for Motocross (NRG Motocross) was formed to enable the clubs involved in the group to manage their seasons as a collective and to introduce a fresh new Championship for their riders.

The seven new NORA Motorsport clubs: Severn Valley SSC, Corsham SSC, Dursley MX, Cotswold Youth and AMX, Warley Wasps, Bath MXC and Mid Wilts Motocross Club, all agreed to work together as part of NRG, under the guidance of NORA Motorsport, to manage the world of Motocross across the clubs.

Some of the clubs are looking to get back to racing in the coming weeks whilst others will probably continue to concentrate on practice days for the time being. Corsham SSC will be the first to hit the start gate on 2nd August at Grittenham with Cotswold following on over the weekend of 12th and 13th August.

Work has also now started on a NORA Southwest Challenge Shield Championship, run currently by Corsham and Dursley, this would be extended whereby the member clubs of NRG will be invited to run a round of the series, giving a potential of seven rounds. More details will be published in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the clubs will be working together to produce a co-ordinated calendar of events for 2021.

“This is a real step forward for Motocross in the region” commented NORA boss Roy Barton “NORA Motorsport are proud to be working with the seven clubs and it was great to have everybody sat around the table and agreeing on the future for the group”

Having decided to make the move to run with NORA Motorsport, a deal was struck whereby licence holders with the old organisation would be eligible to take out a Basic NORA licence through a bespoke website portal, these will be available until 30th September when 2021 NORA licence will be launched as of 1st October.

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