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Now isn’t the time to open practice tracks in the UK

Since Boris Johnson’s announcement on Sunday evening a number of practice tracks have stated they plan or are going to open this week for riders. However before we all go rushing around the country and thinking it go time I think you need to be aware of the facts which Gareth Hockey published this evening on social media, which you can view below.

Following mentions of practice tracks looking to open following the Prime Ministers announcement on Sunday evening I have been speaking with our insurance company Sports Insure about this. 

It would be good for everyone to be aware of the below before considering opening a track or even going to practice on their bike.

• The Government have not given the go ahead for outdoor leisure/ sports activity of more than 2 people (unless from the same household)

• To run a practice track at the moment would be against the Government guidance/advice and could result in a large fine not only for the track but also for each of the participants.

• If an event is run against Government advice Insurers will not indemnify the policyholder

Please stay safe and be patient. We will be back racing as soon as it’s safe to do so and when the Government approves it.

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