RaceFX have sold 100% to Bihr giving them a wider audience and opportunity within the UK market. Read more below for the press release.

Bihr, Samantha Irwin and Paul Irwin today announce that they signed and closed an agreement that has led Bihr to own 100% of Race FX. Race FX are a leading B2B distributor of Parts and Accessories for motorcycles and Rider Gear, specialising in the Off-road segment in the UK.

The objective of the transaction is to firstly get better access to the UK Off-road distribution market and secondly, complement the position Bihr currently has through MotoDirect on the “Street” segment in the UK. In addition, Race FX will serve as the logistics platform to deploy Bihr’s motorcycle Parts & Accessories distribution activity in the UK. This deployment will start in the coming weeks.

“The fit of Race FX and Bihr together just made perfect sense” said Paul Irwin former owner of Race FX. “Race FX and Bihr have a number of brands in common (Race FX in the UK and Bihr on the Continent) and this transaction will allow us to get full access to both the off road and road distribution channels in the UK. This is great news for our customers and suppliers, and I am looking forward to a busy year ahead.”

“Welcoming Race FX into the Bihr group is a real opportunity for us to truly accelerate our deployment in the UK” added Christophe Piron, CEO of Bihr. “Beyond the 34 brands currently distributed by Race FX and MotoDirect in the UK, the Brand & Product team of Bihr has worked very hard last year to secure the distribution of 150 additional brands in the UK.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Race FX” said Terry Birtles, Country Manager of Bihr UK. “The expertise of the Blackburn-based company in Off-road Rider Gear and Parts & Accessories distribution is critical for us. In the coming weeks, we will leverage the Blackburn warehouse to progressively introduce the newly distributed products in UK.”

In terms of organisation, Paul Irwin has been appointed Off-Road Business Development Manager UK for Bihr. He will report to Terry Birtles.

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