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Shaun Simpson talks opening MXGP’s and Lyng

This Sunday sees the second round of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship take place at Lyng near Norwich and RFX KTM rider Shaun Simpson who currently holds the red plate for the MX1 Championship is looking to take the overall and extend his points lead.

We caught up with Shaun ahead of the weekend to see how the last couple of weeks have gone and to see how he is feeling for Lyng and the British Championship.

Photo Credit – RFX KTM Racing

Can you tell us a bit about the past three weeks with the GP’s and talk a bit about your schedule?

“The last three weeks we have had three back-to-back GP’s, each week I have progressively got a little bit better. Matterley Basin I ended up 10th overall and Valkenswaard I was 9thoverall and last weekend at Arco I was 8thoverall. I am steadily making progress on the GP’s and I feel like I am getting fitter and stronger every week. I feel we are starting to get into some sort of repetitive week. I like getting into the Monday wash day, Tuesday train, Wednesday ride, Thursday ride, Friday packing up and travelling to the race and then doing it all over again.”

Your currently leading the British MX1 Championship with the red plate going into this weekend, how does this feel for you leading the British?

“This weekend I will have the red plate on the bike, following the win at the first round at Fatcats. Fatcats was great and were looking forward to seeing RFX KTM Powered by Par Homes with the red plate on the front of the bike. My teammate Joel will be supporting the red plate as well at Lyng. I would say as a whole were in a good spot, I feel great, I feel like we have done a really good amount of work with the bike between the GP’s.”

There is a gap in the MXGP calendar due to China being moved to the end of the year. What are your plans?

“There is quite a big gap between the GP’s now so Lyng and then Canada Heights which will be separated by now GP’s, which will be a bit of a change up. This gives us a good amount of time to work now on any weaknesses, work on our starts, work on the intensity of my motos and just make sure everything is on point. With two British Championships back to back with no GP’s we will be looking for strong weekends and the goal would be to win each rounds overall and extend my Championship lead.”

Photo Credit – RFX KTM Racing

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