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Steve Dixon honest comments on no MXoN in 2020

The news was broke earlier this week that the MXoN scheduled for Matterley Basin in September will not take place due to the pandemic. Steve Dixon the organiser behind the events at Matterley Basin put a honest statement out on his Facebook page which you can read below.

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Completely Gutted about the Nations, I have to say the offers of help I received have been amazing, I want to personally thank all those true fans for the support. Also to Winchester Council , Peveril Bruce of Matterley, Hampshire Police, Infront, the ACU, all our suppliers and our own team who are now fully experienced in everything Covid ! all the hard work and paperwork was done for the event, but with legislation changing all the time and different legal authorities working at a more cautious rate than us, it became obvious that teams and fans needed concrete answers that were not available yet. Let’s just hope this virus goes away and we can celebrate at next years British GP.

Photo Credit – Ray Archer

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