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The end of GP racing for Nicholls!

Today it has hit the media throughout that Hitachi KTM’s Jake Nicholls will not be returning to GP racing after his recent injury.

Jake commented “As many of you know, I had a big set back in the middle of April, where without crashing I dislocated my hip. My mind was a mess at the time of the crash but once I was stabilised that evening, I said to my Mum who was at my bedside, that I’m done with racing GP’s. 2017 is my tenth year racing the Grand Prix series, it’s been a rollercoaster at times but overall a great 10 years in my life. From the day I started racing I always dreamed and believed that one day I could be a world champion. The hardest part of this decision is giving up on that dream, something I’ve always prided myself on not doing”

Don’t panic Jake is still staying within the motocross world and has been speaking with teams here in the UK to continue racing but just at the British Motocross Championship.

Jake continued with “I went through the first 4 flyaway Gp’s having not rode very well and having even less fun, not enjoying the tracks and the travelling at all, it had caught up on me. I got to Trento, and my head was all over the place, I was taking big risks to get 21st in timed practice. I was so down on Saturday night, I cried over the phone to my wife not knowing what’s going on. Feeling like I was maybe putting too much pressure on myself I approached the Sunday with a different attitude, just wanting to ride well and enjoy it, forgetting about the results. Next minute I’m sat on the track with my leg facing the wrong way, thinking why! I’ve become heavily involved in my fathers business since I’ve been injured which ultimately is my future and I’m excited about it. But I love racing so so much and I’m only 27. Right now I’m talking to some teams to race in GB only and concentrate on winning the British titles, which will also allow me to stay involved in the business during the week, and mainly to enjoy my racing again.”

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