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Tim Gajser talks ahead of MXGP of Lombardia

Live Motocross got the chance to have a catch up with Team HRC rider Tim Gajser who currently sits seventh points behind Antonio Cairoli following the last triple header in Italy, to discuss the past few rounds, latest news and more.

Check out what Tim has to say below in our exclusive interview.

This weekend MXGP hits Mantova, Italy for another triple header before heading to Spain in early October. Stay tuned on Live Motocross for the latest news, results and more.

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The triple header at Faenza went well for you, you gained a heap of points in the Championship battle and currently only seven points behind Tony Cairoli. How were the triple headers for you?

“The MXGPs in Faenza had many ups and downs. I made mistakes and had some bad luck, like when I lost my goggles on Wednesday but overall, they were good GPs. Sadly, Jeffrey got injured which allowed me to gain some points in the championship battle. Of course, I wish a quick recovery to Jeffrey and to be back in the races soon. That has meant that a lot of riders are close together, with not a lot of points between us so I now want to give everything I can, in every GP, and importantly to enjoy the races!”

This is the second time that a triple header at the same venue has taken place for MXGP. How do you feel about them and do they work for you with fitness, etc?

“Three races in one week is different from what we are used to. However, even in Faenza, which was our second one after Latvia we are already adapting quickly and finding a schedule that works for us. From my point of view, I prefer the old schedule with a Saturday and Sunday but this is how it is. I am glad that they came up with this solution in order to go racing, and so we can have this championship. Even for the fitness, it is not so bad because we only race on one day, and not two days in a row. I am also staying at the track for the 10 days so it is a different approach and different week from usual. You have a bit more time to hang with the team and the mechanics so it is good in that sense, to enjoy people and not just work with them.”

Mantova is this weekend coming, how are you feeling ahead of the next triple headers and do you think you can take the Championship lead?

“I’m feeling great, the training since Faenza went really well and we still have one week to go. I’m really excited and really looking forward to go racing after the weekend off. There will be chances and I will definitely try to make it happen if I can, but at the moment my goal is to go out there and have fun and to be consistent and to minimise the mistakes. Of course, I want to win the championship, but right now my focus is on each GP and to ride like I know how to ride, and to enjoy each one.”

The announcement has come out that Argentina won’t be on the calendar this year and now the Championship will end in early November at Pietramurata. What’s your thoughts on this as the Argentina circuit is a popular one for the riders?

“It is sad because Argentina is one of my favourite GPs. Everything is really nice over there, from the hotels where I stay, to the track, to the scenery. It is amazing so I think it is sad that we aren’t going there. However, with the COVID situation, we knew it would be tough to get there so I think in this climate, it is the best choice. I definitely hope we have it next year though!”

The FIM Motocross World Championship is heading for the first time to Madrid, Spain for the MXGP of Spain. The organisers have said the track will be hard pack terrain which is within the an industrial/business park area just outside Madrid, which many thought would never happen. What’s your thoughts on this?

“It’s good to have new GPs and new tracks on the calendar, because every year you go to a lot of the same tracks and places so it is cool to go somewhere new. We will see what kind of track they produce and I hope it is hilly because if it is flat then they can’t do too much and it will probably feature Supercross-style sections. We will see though, but I am excited to go to Madrid.”

Photo Credit – @shotbybavo

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