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Wulfsport Meredith Suzuki’s Josh Coleman talks career to date

We caught up with Josh Coleman who competes in the Official AMCA British Championship and runs for the Wulfsport Meredith Suzuki team.

Josh had a strong year in the AMCA Championship in the MX2 class ending the season in fourth position with 96 points behind third place Ryan Crowder.

We caught up with Josh to discuss his career to date but also to recap the 2019 season.

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your career to date in motocross?

I am 22 years old, I am a marine engineer for BAE Systems and started racing at the age of 6. I have raced around Europe in my career competing in the BYMX, Red Bull Pro Nationals, GT Cup, Junior World Championship, Internationals, Michelin MX Nationals UK, Bridgestone British Masters series and the AMCA British Championship.

2019 saw you take on all rounds of the British AMCA Championship in the MX2 class. How did the year go for you?

2019 was a strange year for me. I knew what I was capable of and what I could do but when it came to race day at the AMCA Championship I just seemed to have a cloud over my head. I beat myself up over this all year because I showed what I can do at other events.

After sitting back and evaluating the situation I realised what needed to change/work on and thats why I’m where I am in 2020.

You finished the year in fourth. How did that feel for you?

The goal I set myself at the start of the season was to end up on the podium for the Championship chase. The fact I came up one short was frustrating but knowing I finished the season fit and healthy, set me up for a solid winter training.

Looking back to last years AMCA calendar. What was your favourite track and why?

My favourite track on the calendar was Brookthorpe because of the heavy rain we had leading up to the event, it made the ground so good. The ruts dug out deep and you could be very creative with your lines.

Obviously we are unable to ride currently due to COVID-19. What have you been up to and what training are you doing to make sure you stay active and fit ready for when we get back racing?

I’m very lucky that I have been able to carry on with work as normal so I haven’t been left twiddling my thumbs. I have been following my ShannonBrosnanFitness program which includes strength work, circuits, running and cycling which I do after work.

Photo Credit – KEV’S PICS

When we do get back racing what are your plans and who will you be racing for?

2020 I have made the switch to Suzuki with the Wulfsport Meredith Suzuki team who I am fortunate to have their support. I will race the MX2 class in the AMCA Championship and Pro MX1 in the Bridgestone British Masters series. That’s if our season does get underway.

What is your career highlight to date and why?

My career highlight is winning the British Youth National Championship in the 85cc class. The reason for this is because the Championship decider came down to the very last race.

What was the hardest race you have done to date and why?

My hardest race was at Lower Drayton in 2018 at the AMCA Championship. I got cleaned out on the start which resulted in breaking my collarbone. I still carried on with the race and got myself back to 14th with hopes of keeping the Championship lead alive.

To sum up, after putting in a solid winter with the team and being excited for round one, I really hope that our hard work doesn’t go to waste. I am so looking forward to the date we get the green light to return to the tracks and do what we love.

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