Round 3 of the Bridgestone British Masters is held at the UK’s most popular sand track, FatCats Moto Parc on the 22nd and 23rd June. This is the first event Bridgestone British Masters have held at the venue so to celebrate the venture the track will take the form of the 2019 Maxxis track consisting of the Practice and Race Track combined. However, additional alterations are taking place to the track also so the riders will be trying it out for the first time during their Free Practice and Qualifying Session. 

In the Junior 65cc class, Freddie Gardiner and Charlie Richmond are both tied on 322 points with Brandon Buckley sitting in third place on 16 points behind. In the Small Wheel 85cc class, only 4 points is between Tyla Hooley and Mckenzie Marshall, once again proving this Round could see many changes to the championship standings. Sam Atkinson has dominated the Big Wheel 85cc class so far with a 49 point lead. However Arai Elcock and Tye Jones are sitting close with only 4 points difference for second place. Ike Carter will be looking to extend his lead this weekend at FatCats. He is currently leading the way in the MXY2 Youth class by 14 pints, however Kyle McNicholl and Todd Leadbitter are chasing.

The 125cc class will also see close battles this weekend as current leader Dylan Spencer is tied on points with Jordan Bachelor; but Troy Willerton is only 14 points behind also. Greg Fisher currently leads the Clubman class by 12 points and will be looking to extend this lead further this weekend. Charlie Sutton is in second place with Mark Kinsley not far behind in third place. Adam Day is leading the Amateur MX1 group by 15 points but the top three in this pack is close by Luke Houghton and Harry Bradley chasing him down. Oliver Benton is leading the Amateur MX2 group but only by 2 points as Jack Rowland clawed back some points at Round 2. Sadly Jack Timms has been injured so he will not be able to defend his third place but this opens the gap up to Rory Jones.

In the Pro MX1 group, Jake Shipton has proved his worthiness by winning both Bridgestone British Masters rounds. He leads by 10 points but Jake Millward is chasing him down. Jake Millward has also proved he is not one to be messed with as so far he has set the fastest qualifying lap time at every Bridgestone British Masters event this season and walked away from Round 2 with the Pro Bridgestone Cup. In the Pro MX2 class, Martin Barr lost valuable points at Round 2 meaning Taylor Hammal could join him at joint first. Ben Franklin is chasing behind in third but the battle will be on for the top spot this weekend. Also, current champ Elliott Banks-Browne will be making his comeback this weekend following on from his injury at Round 1. 

In all groups the racing is extremely close. We are near the halfway mark now of the championship of the riders will be looking to claw back points or extend their lead further. This weekend will provide us with some top-notch racing as a lot riders are joint on points in the top 3 so this weekend could really make or break their championship. 

Words by Bridgestone British Masters

Photos by Roy Edwards Photography

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