Dean Wilson will line up this weekend for A1 after an injury which we thought would see him miss some rounds.

I took 2 1/2 Months off the IG and we are back. I will go into more of that at a later time but sometimes you need to just disconnect and work on yourself mentally, physical and even spiritually… Atleast I did. I have been on the bike for 2 weeks and to even think that I will line up at A1 is an accomplishment in itself. This injury has been so gnarly in so many aspects. I told my close people when I got injured that this was it. Enough was enough and I was done. But also this was the worst pain of my life… As a few days went by and things had calmed down I felt I would be leaving something on the table if I just quit and walked away. So after an insane amount of PT/Gym/training and eating the best I could. I’m lining up at A1. I’m a little behind everybody so I need to give myself a few rounds to get stronger so be patient with me. But I get paid to race and that’s what I’m going to do. I have the best team and sponsors and fans behind me. I want to personally thank my sponsors for giving me my space and my own time to work on myself the past couple months. SEE YOU AT A1!!
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