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KTM Customer Racing

KTM has gone straight to the heart of its READY TO RACE philosophy with the announcement of the newly created KTM Customer Racing division. This new unit is dedicated to providing customers with a passion for racing through a range of bikes, products and racing activities designed to satisfy the desire for competition.

Operational since March 2017, KTM Customer Racing is developing advanced, track-performance production motorcycles, kits and specialized KTM PowerParts and products for both offroad and road racing. Customers will be able to purchase a range of specially designed competition bikes based on KTM series models designed to race in a closed circuit environment. KTM Customer Racing will organize and host racing activities and events that will be planned and supervised by the company’s racing experts.

Hubert Trunkenpolz, KTM CSO and himself a track and racing enthusiast: “KTM Customer Racing provides an important element in our portfolio by giving our customers who love to race high-performance machinery, and the opportunity to use it in controlled closed course and competition activities. We even see this as a key responsibility to focus on tailor-made products and a dedicated riding environment”.

KTM Customer Racing will cover a comprehensive range of motorsport activities, the first of which, the KTM RC CUP for young road racing enthusiasts, is successfully operating in nine countries on three continents and will be further expanded. The KTM RC CUP educates young riders and provides them with ultimate price point motorcycles that are also customer- friendly regarding running and maintenance costs. For this and future competitions, racing legend Jeremy McWilliams will serve as KTM Customer Racing Paddock Consultant, and act as a mentor to this new generation of racers.

Mindful of the fact that there will always be a passion for racing activities among motorcycle enthusiasts, and that road safety issues have resulted in tightening controls in many countries, KTM Customer Racing is also creating a safe, controlled racing environment so they can pursue that passion.

Located in Munderfing, Austria, adjacent to KTM Motorsports, KTM Customer Racing is a compact unit of KTM insiders with an intimate connection with racing. Head of Technical Development is Wolfgang Felber, 25-year KTM veteran and the man behind the crafting of KTM’s first ADVENTURE model, the famous KTM RC8 Superbike, and the highly successful Moto3 bike. KTM’s Thomas Kuttruf is in charge of the commercial development. Kuttruf, himself a former passionate road racer, has been at the head of KTM’s international PR and Media Relations for the past ten years.

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