The 2020 Arenacross Tour crowned a new Champion, Fro System’s Brian HSU took the Superfinal title in front of a sold out crowd at The SSE Arena, Wembley in London. Fierce challenges from former Champion Cedric Soubeyras (ASA United Husqvarna) who came in second with Aussie Supercross legend Dan Reardon (Fro Systems) in third.

The Pro 450 Championship was won by SR75 World Suzuki rider Charles Lefrancois who has had a dominant Arenacross. Former triple Champion Thomas Ramette (Offset CBD) came in second in the Championship despite a first lap crash in the Superfinal. Shocktech Kawasaki’s Fabien Izoird took a hard earned third.

The newcomer Brian HSU (Fro Systems) topped the Pro Lites with ASA United Husqvarna rider Cedric Soubeyras in second and Wooldridge Honda’s Julien Lebeau in third.

Check out the full Pro results below: 

Superfinal Results

PosNo.NamePointsLapsBest Time
181Brian HSU (Fro Systems)421523.373
21Cedric SOUBEYRAS (ASA United Husqvarna)361523.571
3225Charles LE FRANCOIS (SR75 Suzuki)321524.122
4122Dan REARDON (Fro Systems)281523.764
5259Julien LEBEAU (Wooldrige Honda)241524.071
6407Adam CHATFIELD (RFX Honda)201524.238
7411Nico DERCOURT (SR75 Suzuki)181524.171
8260Dylan WOODCOCK (Shocktech Kawasaki)161524.664
917Matthew BAYLISS (Wooldrige Honda)141524.816
10871Fabien IZOIRD (Shocktech Kawasaki)121424.101
11155Jack BRUNELL (ASA United Husqvarna)101424.006
126Thomas RAMETTE (Offset CBD)81

Pro Lites Championship Overall

181Brian HSU (Fro Systems)238
21Cedric SOUBEYRAS (ASA United Husqvarna)188
3259Julien LEBEAU (Wooldrige Honda)162
4407Adam CHATFIELD (RFX Honda)122
5260Dylan WOODCOCK  (Shocktech Kawasaki)112
6411Nico DERCOURT (SR75 Suzuki)104
750Martin BARR (BRT KTM)66
814Joe CLAYTON (Team Green Kawasaki)60
9313Jordan KEOGH (ETEC Apico CCM Racing)16
1065James MACKREL9
11111Eythor Reynisson6

Pro 450 Championship Overall

1225Charles LE FRANCOIS (SR75 Suzuki)207
26Thomas RAMETTE (Offset CBD)171
3871Fabien IZOIRD (Shocktech Kawasaki)162
4122Dan REARDON (Fro Systems)151
5155Jack BRUNELL (ASA United Husqvarna)105
617Mathew BAYLISS (Wooldrige Honda)89
7941Angelo PELLEGRINI (RFX Honda)86
833Ashley GREEDY (Offset CBD)67
9162Stuart EDMONDS (ETEC Apico CCM Racing)47
105Graeme IRWIN25
12381Scooter Webster20
13144Collin Jurin (Team Kawasaki)10
14221Kevin Ballenger (Offset CBD)8

Overall Championship

181Brian HSU (Fro Systems)236
2225Charles LE FRANCOIS (SR75 Suzuki)207
31Cedric SOUBEYRAS (ASA United Husqvarna)188
46Thomas RAMETTE (Offset CBD)172
5259Julien LEBEAU (Wooldridge Honda)162
6871Fabien IZOIRD (Shocktech Kawasaki)161
7122Dan REARDON (Fro Systems)151
8407Adam CHATFIELD (RFX Honda)122
9260Dylan WOODCOCK (Shocktech Kawasaki)112
10155Jack BRUNELL (ASA United Husqvarna)105
11411Nico DERCOURT (SR75 Suzuki)104
1217Mathew BAYLISS (Wooldridge Honda)89
13941Angelo PELLEGRINI (RFX Honda)86
1433Ashley GREEDY (Offset CBD)67
1550Martin BARR (BRT KTM)66
1614Joe CLAYTON (Team Green Kawasaki)60
17162Stuart EDMONDS (ETEC Apico CCM Racing)47
185Graeme IRWIN25
20381Scooter Webster20
21313Jordan KEOGH (ETEC Apico CCM Racing)16
22144Colin Jurin (Team Green Kawasaki)10
2365James MACKREL9
24221Kevin Ballenger (Offset CBD)8
25111Eythor Reynisson6

Here is the Team Championship standings following the final round:

Place  TeamTOTAL Team Pts
1Fro Systems Husqvarna98
2SR75 Suzuki82
3ASA United Husqvarna74
4Shocktech Kawasaki72
5Offset CBD X Fro Yamaha62
6Wooldridge Demolition Honda56
7RFX Honda46
8Team Green Kawasaki26
9E-Tec Apico CCM Racing Husqvarna24

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