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Max Nagl geared for homecoming GP

Geoff Meyer caught with Max Nagl who is struggling with form at the moment at the GP’s and discussions the upcoming round in Germany which is Nagl’s home race. We hope to see Max on top form in a couple of weeks in Germany.

Check out the interview below:

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider Max Nagl is really struggling with form at the moment. Despite a good Saturday in Latvia, where he finished a strong second to Jeffrey Herlings in the MXGP qualification race, the German rider crashed and had poor starts on Sunday, resulting in a top ten result, but not close to where he wants to be.

With his home Grand Prix up next, Nagl knows that he needs to turn his season around as he gets close to looking for a new team, or hopefully signing with his current team.

We caught up with the always friendly rider to ask him about Latvia and also what he expects from the Grand Prix of Germany.

Q: It’s good to see you back to speed. Can you tell me how you felt Saturday and Sunday?

Nagl: The last two weeks we put in a lot of effort. Trained hard and changed something. I had a great Saturday, good warm up, good qualification and good race, leading the race until the last lap, finishing second. Sunday though was a disaster. I didn’t get the start and crashed in the first race. Lost positions and had to come back to the middle. The second race I had a good start, but I can’t remember, something happened and I got stuck with a rider in the handlebars and I lost many positions and was 18th on the first lap, and finished eighth. I mean the riding is ok, but 12-8 is not what I want. I keep working and one day it will come.

Q: Next round is your home Grand Prix in Germany. You usually do well there. How do you go into that race?

Nagl: I mean, home GP is always something special and everyone wants you to be on the podium of course. This year it’s a different story, of course I will try my best, but it doesn’t go so well at the moment and a podium is a long way away from the results I am having. I will try my best at my home GP, but it’s going to be difficult there.

Q: Obviously, you are a veteran. Not getting results and not having a contract for next year. Does that play on your mind?

Nagl: Of course, that is on my mind. I mean end of contract you should be riding decent and that isn’t how it is going for me at the moment. I think this is the worst season I have had in many years, and I am out of contract. It’s a lot of pressure, just from myself, not from anyone else. For sure I want to ride better and stay in this team or get another team. You need good bikes in this class to be competitive.


Copyright: Photo: Husqvarna Racing

Author: Geoff Meyer

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