With the Revo ACU British Motocross Championship and MX Nationals UK just weeks away from getting underway. The Verde Shiloh KTM team have announced Bailey Johnston will remain with them for the 2023 season and will compete in the British MX2 Championship and step up to the Pro class in the Michelin MX Nationals UK.

Johnston will join his team mate Jake Millward who is stepping down to MX2 for the season after spending 2022 in the MX1 Championship and finishing up 12th overall.

We are pleased to announce that Bailey will be staying with the Team for the 2023 Season. Bailey will compete in the MX2 British and will also step up to the Pro Class In the MX Nationals. After his Rookie season last year he has been working really hard throughout the winter, putting in the laps over in Spain for the last few weeks. We are excited to see Bailey get back behind the gate and him show us what we all know he is really capable off.

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