Today we were shown the new MXGP Championship trophy which will go to the MXGP Champions from 2020. It’s safe to say its a special trophy! Check it out below.


Check out the Official PR here:

During the opening press conference at Matterley Basin, Infront Moto Racing unveiled the special MXGP Championship Trophy, that will be awarded to the MXGP World Champion at the end of the 2020 FIM Motocross World Championship season.

The newly introduced trophy will signify a new tradition in the world championship, paying homage to all the past, present and future world champions of the premier MXGP class.

The MXGP trophy is made up of two main materials, aluminium and carbon fibre base is formed by 6 pieces of anodized aluminium in three different shades: red at the bottom, and black and grey in the middle alongside the MXGP logo. In the grey parts we can find some filigrees inspired by motocross such as the starting gates of the tracks, the teeth on the bike sprockets, and more distinctive elements. The top of the trophy is formed by 16 twisted carbon fibre blades shaped into a cup to resemble the championship logo. The 20 stainless steel plaques wrapping the trophy are engraved with all the world champions’ names from 1957 until now in the main class.

The size and weight of the trophy represent the toughness of the competition, and its uneven sharp angles are meant to capture the skilled performance of the riders and the thrill and speed of the races.

The trophy was designed by the Barcelona-based Garcia Rojals Studio, that holds a long-time global reputation for designing outstanding racing trophies, including the Moto GP World Championship Trophy and the World SBK Trophy.

The studio is also the creators behind some specific race trophies inside the same championships and has developed different projects for eSports and NASCAR, among others. Gracia Rojals design philosophy relies on creating unique projects that are timeless, with a special focus on the technical high-quality materials.

The official unveil of the Trophy took place today during the opening press conference where Infront Moto Racing CEO Mr. David Luongo introduced the new novelty to the media, teams and riders saying: “We wanted to highlight the fact that the MXGP title is the best achievement of motocross worldwide. It will become traditional for the riders who win MXGP as they’ll have their names and their manufacturers engraved on the plates of the trophy. This trophy, designed with a talented Spanish artist, will represent the whole history of our sport since the first Championship in 1957. I’m proud to say from now on every world champion of the MXGP class will be added to the trophy and will continue to write the history of our favourite sport”

Words & Images – Infront Moto Racing

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