This week we caught up with Par Homes RFX Husqvarna rider Charlie Putnam, and quizzed him on 2020.

What’s your favourite track of all time?

My favourite track would have to be canada heights, I’ve got some great memories riding there as a kid and I always seem to do well there!

What’s your favourite bike?

My favourite bike has to be my Husqvarna TC250 2 stroke. The two strokes just give you a buzz that I don’t seem to get on a four stroke, and seems to suit my riding style better.

What are your goals for 2020?

My hopes for 2020 is the same as most riders and thats to win. Most importantly though I want to feel good on track, Enjoy being at the races and the results usually follow after that.

What’s your training regime been like?

It’s been a little difficult at the moment with the COVID-19 concerns to know when to get your fitness up to 100%, As at the moment we haven’t been given a race date to aim for. Preparation before the first round of the British Motocross Championship was for me to concentrate on the getting myself physically fit for racing, and I’ve been focusing a lot on strength and conditioning. I was able to get back riding in december from my wrist injury so have been enjoying being back on the bike and putting laps in! I can’t thank the team enough for all the hard work they have been putting in for the coming season.

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