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Seewer is in and Strijbos leaves

The big news is out!

Jeremy Seewer joins Suzuki World MXGP Team along side current MX2 rider Jeremy Seewer & Kevin Strijbos leaves the team.

Suzuki MXGP Team commented “Next season our ‘shorty’ of the team, Arminas Jasikonis, will be joined by current MX2 rider Jeremy Seewer. Over the years Seewer proved to be one of our best assets, finishing higher in the FIM World MX2 Championship every year and making the podium his second home. The two of them will definitely take the Yellow Magic to the next level. This also means we’re saying goodbye to true talent and friend Kevin Strijbos. We hope you’ll all show him enormous support in his last races with Suzuki, so he won’t forget about us in the future”

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