The penultimate round of the Bridgestone British Masters took place at the world-famous Hawkstone Park at the weekend with this highly popular circuit not disappointing the riders with the loamy sand surface being in top shape following a downpour of rain in the later evenings. The weekend consisted of two-days of bar-to-bar action along with a live band performing on Saturday evening. 

Jake Millward set the fastest lap time in the Pro MX1 / Pro MX2 qualifying session with a time of 2:05:67, however Elliott Banks-Browne and Jake Shipton were extremely close behind! In race 1, Elliott Banks-Browne managed to chase down Jake Shipton and Jake Millward for the win with Martin Barr taking a comfortable lead in the Pro MX2 class. Sadly, both Elliott Banks-Browne and Martin Barr had mechanical problems in race 2 affecting their score. Elliott had to pull out of the race early on however Martin managed to keep on going round at a reduced speed with his rear wheel puncture. It was Jake Shipton who took the won in race 2 for the Pro MX1 class with Jay Hague taking the win in the Pro MX2 group. 

Charlie Richmond was the rider who set the fastest lap time in the Junior 65cc qualifying session and also went ahead and won race 1 with Freddie Gardiner 23 seconds behind in second and Jamie Keith in third. Freddie Gardiner came back fighting for race 2 and beat Charlie for the win. Charlie however came back and won race 3 but Freddie won race 4 giving him the upper hand over the weekend. 

Tyla Hooley obtained first place in the Small Wheel 85cc qualifier and went on to win all four races. The battle was on further down in the pack for the remaining top spots with Billy Askew, Shaun Mahoney, Mckenzie Marshall and Warren Clarke all fighting for a space on the podium. 

Sam Atkinson set the fastest lap time in qualifying, however, had a difficult first race and lost valuable points after finishing towards the end of the pack with Ollie Colmer taking the win. Ollie Colmer took the win in race 2 with Tyler Graves in third and James Barker in third. Sam Atkinson managed to pull a win in race 3 but Ollie Colmer finished close behind in second and Raife Broadley in third. Sam once again took a win in race 4, however Ollie Colmer left Hawkstone Park with the first place trophy. 

Max Ingram set the fastest time in the MXY2 Youth Qualifying 1.669 seconds ahead of Ike Carter. Ike managed to win the first race with Tom Murphy in second and Aaron Patstone in third. Ike managed to win the remaining races over the weekend with Max Ingram, Tom Murphy and Aaron Patstone battling it out for the remaining podium spaces. 

The 125cc group was fierce as only a handful of points separates the riders for the championship. James Cottrell set the fastest time in qualifying with an impressive time of 2:18:888. It was Preston Williams who won race 1 with James Cottrell and Patrick Jackson following closely behind. James Cottrell won race 2, 3 and 4. However the battle was on between Preston Williams, Buster Hart, Jordan Bachelor, Dylan Spencer and Troy Willerton for the remaining top spots. 

Greg Fisher took home the first place trophy in the Clubman class but it was Karl Jenkinson who set the fastest time in qualifying. Scott Bates won race 1 with a 5.618 second lead over Greg Fisher in second place. Greg Fisher won race 2 with Mark Kinsley finishing in second and Scott Bates in third. Fisher went on to win races 3 and 4 with Scott Bates in second and Max Wood in third. 

Scott Aldridge set the pace in the Amateur MX1 class with Lee Harrison and Gareth Artus closely following behind. It was Gareth Artus who won race 1 with Harry Bradley in second and Lee Harrison in third. Lee Harrison however charged into the lead of race 2 with Gareth Artus in second and Harry Bradley not too far behind in third. For race 3, Adam Day took the win with a 7 second lead over Artus in second and Harrison in third. For race 4 it was Harry Bradley’s time to win the race with Scott Aldridge in second and Gareth Artus in third. 

In the Amateur MX2 class Oliver Benton stormed into the lead of the qualifying session ahead of Josh Greedy and Ryan Allison. Oliver went on to win races 1 and 2 but Josh Greedy took the win in race 3. In the final race of the day Oliver once again took first place with Josh Greedy in second and George Clarke in third allowing Oliver to take the overall win for the weekend.

The final round takes place at Cusses Gorse on the 31stAugust & 1stSeptember. 

Championship standings:

Junior 65cc:
1stFreddie Gardiner700 points
2ndCharlie Richmond689 points
3rdBrandon Buckley657 points
4thArchie-Jay Girdham628 points
5thJamie Keith600 points
Small Wheel 85cc:
1stMckenzie Marshall669 points
2ndTyla Hooley665 points
3rdBilly Askew630 points
4thWarren Clarke630 points
5thJoel Fisher560 points
Big Wheel 85cc:
1stArai Elcock672 points
2ndSam Atkinson653 points
3rdTye Jones603 points
4thReece Ross577 points
5thKayde Rayns533 points
MXY2 Youth:
1stIke Carter786 points
2ndKurt Griffiths614 points
3rdAaron Mcloughlin604 points
4thKyle McNicholl594 points
5thBilly Wynn557 points
1stTroy Willerton705 points
2ndJordan Bachelor703 points
3rdDylan Spencer701 points
4thPatrick Jackson639 points
5thJude Morris608 points
1stGreg Fisher784 points
2ndAlex Harvey648 points
3rdJason Queenan638 points
4thMax Wood634 points
5thMark Kinsley600 points
Amateur MX1:
1stAdam Day720 points
2ndHarry Bradley716 points
3rdLuke Houghton648 points
4thMatt Lomas579 points
5thGareth Artus548 points
Amateur MX2:
1stOliver Benton731 points
2ndJack Rowland649 points
3rdRory Jones568 points
4thBen Burridge530 points
5thBenjamin Knight516 points
Pro MX1:
1stJake Shipton522 points
2ndJake Millward494 points
3rdJacob Joyce359 points
4thLuke Smith314 points
5thRobbie Dowson305 points
Pro MX2:
1stMartin Barr415 points
2ndBen Franklin373 points
3rdRobert Yates339 points
4thAshton Dickinson328 points
5thTaylor Hammal256 points

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