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The future of bike suspension – Motoklik

If you’re a rider that has always struggled with what to click when, Motoklik is the device for you. Motoklik takes the thinking out of suspension set-up. Simply strap Motoklik to your bike, ride some laps, and let our electronic magic show you what setup you need for every track on the mobile app. Simple.

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Suspension set up in Motorcross is critically important because of the extreme terrain that the bikes are challenged with.

Motoklik is an electronic device attached to an off-road motorcycle that improves performance and safety for the rider through its Automated Suspension Set-Up using space technology from the Galileo satellite constellation. As a member of ESA Space Solutions Centre Ireland, Motoklik has received access to mentorship, funding and startup advice.

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ESA Space Solutions Centre Ireland and its ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) can offer funding and support for SMEs that may wish to develop their business using space technology in a non-space environment.

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