Tommy Searle heads to Mexico for the next round of the 2016 World Motocross Championship battered and bloodied but vows to continue looking for that special weekend where he lands himself a MXGP podium. His nose took a pounding but will be fit and ready to go in Mexico this coming weekend.

Tommy said this after the race, “This weekend was disappointing for me, I felt good when I came here as I like the track and the area but I just don’t seem to be able to get a start at the moment. My lap times are as good as the leaderboard men, even in traffic, but I am using all my energy to catch up to them at the moment. I crashed on my own in the second race. It was a stupid mistake and I hit my nose. I tried to carry on but I was a little dizzy and making more mistakes; I had blood in my goggles and couldn’t see with the sun so it was better to stop. I will be OK for next weekend in Mexico.”

Tommy Searle bloodied nose

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