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24MX Race Tent – £59.99

24MX have a fantastic offer on their race tent with a huge discount of 66% off, saving you up to £145.

You can pick up your 24MX race tent today from £59.99

Purchase your 24MX Race Tent here

Product Information

  • Foldable – Rises in 4 seconds (Check out the video below)
  • Extremely Durable – Made it be used every weekend for racing
  • 3x3m, 9 SQM, 212 – 320cm with an adjustable roof height

Tents Available

Black Tent with Walls – £79.00 (£145 Saving – 64% off) – BUY NOW

Grey Tent with Walls – £79.00 (£145 Saving – 64% off) – BUY NOW

Black Tent with no Walls – £59.00 (£115 Saving – 66% off) – BUY NOW

Grey Tent with no Walls – £59.00 (£115 Saving – 66% off) – BUY NOW

Product Description

Our very own and probably the world’s most popular depot tent. A must for the days on the MX track!

You already know that the race will be muddy, tough and intense. Or that the sun will be beating down on you. It’s part of the charm, but why expose yourself to the weather before you start? Our updated race tent is even better than our previous bestseller: sturdier frame, better lock and a hardwearing Polyurethane canvas which is also considerably more lightweight than the previous version.

There is no time to waste on the track. Therefore, the tent is easier to mount than most other tents. Pull the four legs to each side and the frame is locked. In less than 60 seconds, you are protected from rain, wind and nosy rivals. The disassembly is just as easy and the tent is easily packed into the supplied carrying case.

Hard Facts:
– Legs and beams made of heavy steel
– Ceiling and walls made of weather-resistant PU-coated polyester
– Walls are mounted quickly and easily with Velcro fasteners
– Practical carrying case included
– Adjustable height, max height 320 cm to reach 212 cm at ceiling height.
– Dimensions folded 30 x 35 x 165 cm, dimensions set 3 x 3 m and up to 3.2 in height.
– Weight 25 kg.
– The canvas has a tensile strength of 30 kg / 5 cm
– The canvas has a water tightness of 2000p, which means that an enormous pressure is required for water to penetrate.

Note: The tent is not manufactured to be used as a permanent structure and we recommend not using it in extreme weather conditions.

Purchase your 24MX Race Tent here

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