With the current situation across the world we thought it be a great time to catch up with the 2019 MX2 AMCA Champion Jamie Wainwright to see what he is up to and also recap on an superb 2019 season.

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You ended the 2019 season on a high. You were crowned the 2019 AMCA MX2 Champion. How did that feel for you?

No words will describe how happy myself, family and the team were on that day. I won my goal and especially my dads with him trying to do it back in the day.

You had a strong year of racing in the Championship and had some close battles with Kristian Whatley. Was there a highlight moment for you in the season?

Yes it was a competitive year racing with some great riders but especially with Kristian. My highlight of the year would be the last round race 1. That day I was trying to keep calm and focused but knew it could all be won from the first race so the pressure was on. Race one started with myself and Kristian out in front which stayed like that for the race with a lot of close battling between us. I worked hard for that race win to cross the line in first and celebrate the Championship with my family and team.

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Looking back at the year what was your favourite track and why?

My favourite track of the year would be Hawkstone Park as from a young age I always wanted to ride there, plus my favourite terrain which is sand!

Obviously we are going through a tough time at the moment with COVID-19 which means we are unable to race. What are you doing for training/fitness preparing for when we get the season underway?

My training and fitness has slowed up a little at the moment due to the Coronavirus pandemic and wouldn’t want to put any more pressure on the NHS. I am still doing small amounts of fitness to keep the ball rolling and will be ready to race as soon as we can.

Finally what are your plans for 2020 when we get back racing?

For the 2020 race season I will be competing in the Pro MX2 class at the ACU British Motocross Championship and Bridgestone British Masters series, along with with a selection of AMCA rounds. This year I will be riding of my own back this year with a lot of help from Wainwrights Plant & Haulage, SBE Sabine Brothers, Pure Building, Midlands MX, ESP, Bridgestone, Ace Suspension, Pro Green, Rockoil, Oakley and a lot more loyal sponsors.

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