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Team Green Kawasaki has announced their Arenacross 2020 team with Greg Aranda, Joe Clayton and Ben Clayton who will all be looking for top spots in their bid for AX Glory! 

Check out where the Arenacross team caught with each of the riders to hear their thoughts on the tour due to start in Belfast on January 17th.


This is your second time riding at Arenacross, anything you’ll do differently this year? 

Nothing different, just little bit injured at this moment with my foot but I’m back on the bike in 3 weeks.

Which riders will you be looking out for this year?

 I think there will be the same riders as last year, we are very much able to win

What made you want to come back to Arenacross?

 Because I finish second last year and I want to win this year 

You’re known for being pretty relaxed, but not afraid to fight for first place, how much does winning mean to you? 

I think we’re all here to win, I like to fight to win, I train for that. Even if I seem relaxed, I’m still stressed on race day but I try not to think too much about it


Tell us about your summer where have you been racing?

This summer I went off to Italy again to race Supercross Cup which was a great week with some good friends. I raced the 450 over there and had some good speed but a silly crash in the main race ruined my results. I also did a couple of the MX Nationals Motocross events which were good fun. Especially at Cusses when they held a Straight Rhythm event but unfortunately I picked up a bit of an injury at the event and had to rest for a little bit after that. 

Glad to have Aranda back on your team? 

I’m happy to have Greg back on the team, he won many events last year so I’m sure he’ll be wanting more of the same this year. It’s good, he’s a cool guy and it’s a good atmosphere around the team. 

Expectations for this year? 

I don’t really have any expectations as AX can be so unpredictable but obviously I want to be at the front. 

Since the changes last year with the new style Pro Lite 250 what learnings did you take from last year?

I learned a lot racing the AX last year, with the different style format it was very different from what I had raced before. I learned that you cannot get a bad start with the standard of riders on the gate now, so lots of improvement in that area!

Is it good to have your brother on the same team? Do you push each other?

To have fun and take the championship again – yes it’s good most of the time when he’s not being a goon, yes it’s good we train together pretty much every time we ride so it’s good for both of us. 

You are returning to the Rookies, expectations for this year? 

To have fun and take the Rookie Championship again! 

Where have you been racing during the summer? 

All summer I rode in the MX national Championship which was mega, the first-ever UK Straight Rhythm which was badass, the supercross cup in Italy which is always a sick event and then a few club races which are important

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