Tim Gajser scored his third consecutive Grand Prix victory today in Latvia in a manner he scarcely believed himself.

Gajser won the opening race at Kegums today, controlling the race from the front in typically dominant fashion, but in the second race he crashed whilst running second.

I really can’t believe that we won today!

The crash put him back to 23rd overall and even a podium looked impossible, but the Slovenian World Champion dusted himself off and set about attacking all over again. His ascent through the field was incredible, and with just two laps to go he made the pass for fourth place which was enough to give him the overall victory.

After the first race he actually retook the lead of the World Championship, although Febvre won race two the gap between the pair of reigning World Champions is now just a single point, one third of the way through the season.

Tim Gajser

Tim Gajser:
“I really can’t believe that we won today! The crash was pretty bad and I’m pretty sore from it, but as soon as I got back on the bike I had no idea what position I was in – I just wanted to attack again. I had some really good lines and was pushing really hard – going wide open especially in the wave section where I think I made nearly all my passes. I had no idea where I was in the GP overall, but I just saw ‘Nagl’ written on my pit board. I didn’t know what it meant but I just gave everything to pass him, and that was the pass that won the Grand Prix so I’m really pleased that I made it, and that with the team we work so well. I’m just so happy because I really had to fight and work for that one, so it means I’m enjoying it even more. It’s definitely my best MXGP win, for sure!”

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