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BYC Q&A Feature #005 – Tom Murphy

This week on the BYC Q&A Feature we caught up with GRT Holeshot KTMs Tom Murphy who is competing in the British Open Championship.

Check out what Tom had to say when we quizzed about his career to date, answering your questions and much more.

What age did you start riding and how did you get into it?

My Dad was racing club level when I was young, which got me into the sport. For my 5th Birthday I got a Honda 50 pit bike and by the age of 7 I started racing on a KTM 50.

What has been your most memorable MX experience so far?

My most memorable motocross experience so far was getting my first ever national race at Canada Heights in 2017 with MBO Power Husqvarna.

How many bikes do you have and what years?

I have three 2020 KTM 250cc Bikes.

Favourite track in the UK and why?

My favourite track in the UK has to be Desertmartin as the sand is great. The track layout is so fun. It gets really rough which benefits me.

Favourite track in the World and why?

Valkenswaard in Holland has to be my favourite track in the World as the track flows amazing.

What are your thoughts on the future of the British Motocross Championship?

My thoughts are that one day it would be mega if it went back to when we had more GP riders in the Championship which brings more fans to the events. It would be great to have the 250/125 on the same day as the pros.

What was the hardest race you have ever done and why?

It has to be the 2019 Weston Beach Race as it was so mentally and physically tough.

Photo Credit – GRT Holeshot KTM/MLP_71

Who taught you to ride a motocross bike?

My Dad taught me the whole way through my career to date.

What training do you do?

I train twice a day in the Gym in the morning and then some cardio in the afternoon.

If you were to be any bike part what would it be?

It would have to be the clutch.

How did the deal come about with GRT Holeshot KTM and how does it feel to be on the team?

The deal came around at the end of 2019 when me, Jon and Dan Giffard started talking about a team for 2020 and it snowballed from there. To be apart of the GRT Holeshot KTM team feels amazing as the knowledge and commitment everyone has is unreal.

Who is your favourite British Motocross Championship rider and why?

Mel Pocock, he is a great person to train with which has helped a lot.

What are your ambitions for the future?

My ambitions for the future are to win the British Championship and qualify for the Europeans.

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