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Latest on Jago Geerts

Jago Geerts went down hard during the second MX2 moto at Pietramurata, Trentino during lap eleven and was taken to the medical centre to be checked over by the onsite time. Jago has now released the below statement on his social media.

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Monday 9th November ay 7.07pm

“Hey guys. This morning at 10 am I had already a consultation with specialist Tom Claes. After further examination it appears, I have some cracks in the top of my shoulder. A strict rest period of 4 weeks is necessary for the injury to heal naturally. After this long break, I must go for a check-up. Only when I get the green light there I can/must start doing exercises with my physiotherapist. To get my joint loose and flexible again and to rebuild the lost muscle mass, I must count on a few more weeks of training.Let’s not make it worse than it is. This injury will heal, and my hunger to start preparing for a new season will be greater than ever before.”

Gutted to end a good season with an injury. Tomorrow I will go to my doctor in Belgium for a consultation.During the first heat I couldn’t really make the difference. At the end of the race, I decided to take no unnecessary risks and just follow. In the second heat everything went much smoother. My teammate Ben Watson was in the lead. I tried to attack a few times, but I didn’t succeed to take over the lead. In lap eleven it was game over when I got out of balance coming out of a rut and I hit the hard outer edge of the track with my left shoulder.I won’t know until tomorrow whether I will have to get surgery. I was looking forward to a period of rest. The fact that it will now be a very long and boring rest period is what I like the least about this injury.Hereby I want to send my congrats to Ben and the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2 Team for the Grand Prix overall victory.

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