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Samuele Bernardini moves to Enduro for 2021

Samuele Bernardini will hang his boots up in the MXGP paddock and will now move to Enduro in 2021 with Honda RedMoto Lunigiana Team.

Check out the official statement below:

@ samuelebernardini 32 1, one of the most successful young Italian crossists of MX2 and MXGP of the last seasons, will be the new driver of Honda RedMoto Lunigiana Team for the Enduro 2021 season of the World Championship @enduro_gp and Absolute Italy @italianoenduroEuropean Cross Champion Class 300 at only 2021 years old, a long militancy in the MX2 World Cup and later in MXGP, Bernardini after winning the Tricolor MX 1 Prestige in 2019, decided to leave the cross to pass to Enduro in 2021 Full-time with Gianni Belloni’s team.


′′ I’m really happy with my choice to switch to the enduro and do it with Gianni Belloni’s team with Honda RedMoto Lunigiana Team. It wasn’t an easy decision but Belloni convinced me to face this new challenge, which is also mine. I believe this is a decision full of meanings that I hope will further help me grow professionally. After such a strange year like this, I pen-know 2021 almost like a year to start from scratch and start a new job. I’m very motivated for 2021 hoping to face the year with another effort and effort “.


′′ I’m very happy that Bernardini chose to race in 2021 with Honda RedMoto Lunigiana Team. We are absolutely convinced that he has a very high potential, as well as determined to face together such an important challenge for him in 2021. I believe that his speed in the race is under everyone’s eyes, but for me it’s not just that: Professionalism and dedication are not aspects to be underestimated and I’m sure they’ll bring Bernardini to the results he deserves and that he wishes. Together we’ll have the right experience in perfect condition with a Honda-RedMoto CRF RX Enduro line-up of which we’ll choose cylinder and class before the end of January so we can look at 2021 with great am-bitions “.

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